Our summer camps invite middle and high school students
to solve problems, both mathematical and social

Our Academic Goal

To develop freedom of thought

We want to get kids excited about learning. As described by the great physicist Richard Feynman, we see our subject less specifically in terms of math and more generally in terms of developing freedom of thought: "What we have been doing in the past is teaching just one fixed way to do arithmetic problems, instead of teaching flexibility of mind - the various possible ways of writing down a problem, the possible ways of thinking about it, and the possible ways of getting at the problem." Our goal with Everyone Counts is therefore to teach "a new subject in a sense - an attitude of mind toward numbers and toward mathematical questions which is precisely that attitude of mind which is so successful later in technical applications of mathematics."

Our Social Goal

To build community

The mathematical flexibility of mind we encourage translates very naturally into a social flexibility of mind. While mathematical curiosity leads to a passion for learning, social curiosity about what drives others' behavior leads to empathy. This empathy is the basis for our community. Our community invites students to let go of motivation based on fear and the need for status, and to instead develop motivation based on self-expression, creativity, and the inherent enjoyment of possibility. In a country where children are growing up surrounded by violence and trauma, and often given little opportunity for self-expression or creativity, our combination of mathematical and social problem solving is a form of healing centered engagement.

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